Local Early Ed Snapshot: Q3 2019

Key early education highlights and current data on the state of early learning in Fort Worth.

New & Noteworthy

  1. New Early Education and Career Pathway Roadmap Published by Early Learning Alliance (Read more…)

  2. Raising of Fort Worth’s September 26th Event Lifts Up Local Businesses Innovating in Family-Friendly Practices (Read more…)

  3. Tarrant County Highlighted in National Early Education Guidebook (Read more…)

  4. Early Learning Alliance Launches Help Me Grow North Texas (Read more…)


Data Trends & Insights

  • 47% of children under 5 are income eligible for subsidized child care in Tarrant County (67,742)

  • 22% of child care providers working with children age 0-4 are quality rated in Tarrant County (214 out of 962)

  • 2,316 early ed professionals in Tarrant County are on the registry

  • 62% of students in Fort Worth ISD are kindergarten ready, an upward trend since 2015

  • 60% of students in Tarrant County are kindergarten ready, an upward trend since 2015

BabyDay2 (1).jpeg

Events & Announcements

  1. November 21, 2019: Final 2019 Raising of Fort Worth Event to be held at Lena Pope

  2. Feburary 15, 2019: Baby Day 2020 to be held at Botanical Research Institute of Texas

  3. February 2020: Best Place for Working Parents awards to be announced at Mayor’s State of the City Address

*Tarrant County statistics as reported by The Early Learning Alliance.

Sara Redington