Junior Achievement

The Miles Foundation really wants to get to know the organizations they’re involved with – beyond just what’s on paper. We have a very special relationship with The Miles Foundation because of their personal approach to grantee partnerships.

Financial Literacy

Junior Achievement (JA) empowers students in grades K-12 to own their economic success by offering real-world, hands-on curriculum focused on work-readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills.  Through its partnership with The Miles Foundation, JA has been able to expand its programming into two new locations in Bridgeport and Decatur, Texas.


Through its work with four different schools in the Bridgeport and Decatur communities, JA has:

  • Taught the basic concepts of business and economics to over 5,500 students in kindergarten through fifth grade;
  • Positively impacted children’s lives by helping them understand their role in our free market economy through delivery of the following programs:
    • “Ourselves”
    • “Our Families”
    • “Our Community”
    • “Our City”
    • “Our Region”
    • “Our Nation”
  • Opened students’ perspectives to the boundless career opportunities before them, while emphasizing the importance of education in attaining their career goals;
  • Recruited new volunteers from local businesses and organizations to deliver the JA programming and serve as a role model for students;
  • Trained many new volunteers to be able to effectively deliver JA programming, utilize interactive activities and materials, and interact with the specified grade level with which they will be working.

JA hopes to continue the expansion of its programming into those communities and education facilities that seek the benefit of JA’s unique, real-world approach to financial preparedness.  The Miles Foundation looks forward to a continued partnership with JA and its dedicated team of leaders and volunteers.