Dream Outside the Box

With The Miles Foundation, it is a true partnership. From the very beginning, they have contributed resources, ideas and hands-on support. The Miles Foundation knows that innovation and collaboration will be key drivers of change, so they have really teamed with us to bring our vision to life.

From Dream Deserts to a Higher Education Trajectory

Dream Outside the Box inspires children in low socioeconomic neighborhoods, or “dream deserts,” to strive for higher education opportunities by exposing them to hands-on learning in fields such as art and engineering. Teaming with local college student volunteers, Dream Outside the Box provides these children with unique educational experiences and mentoring in order to broaden their ideas of career success and what is possible.


As one of the first Dream Outside the Box supporters, The Miles Foundation was able to help the organization hire critical staff and implement early programming across its Missouri and Texas locations. Since its founding in 2012, Dream Outside the Box has partnered with Texas Christian University, the University of North Texas, and the University of Missouri to:

  • Engage over 700 college student volunteers in their respective fields of study
  • Maintain an average of 75 children annually who participate in the program
  • Offer a wide array of experiential learning in areas such as engineering, art, science, photography, architecture, and theater
  • Help its college students seize rewarding career opportunities with Teach for America, the White House, and in various engineering and medical fields
  • Watch its “Little Dreamer” participants transform their career aspirations from being a rapper or football player to being a lawyer or entrepreneur

Dream Outside the Box is poised to launch chapters at the University of Oklahoma and Southern Methodist University, which will soon enable the organization to impact 250 children annually who will be participating in the program.

Dream Outside the Box’s dual-impact approach equips both its children (“Little Dreamers”) and college student participants (“Big Dreamers”) for success. By encouraging the college volunteers to take a leadership role, they acquire critical skills for the workplace, including communication, accountability, organization, management, and cultural competence.

The Miles Foundation is honored to be a part of Dream Outside the Box’s mission to help young people grow at every stage of development, and across every community.