George C. Clarke Elementary

We are grateful to The Miles Foundation for its ongoing support of our scholarship program, which has positively impacted so many children’s lives over the last 14 years. It is partners like The Miles Foundation that enable the growth of programs that can greatly improve our young people’s futures.

5th Grade College Scholarship Program

Once a school of just eight classrooms in 1914, George C. Clarke elementary in Fort Worth, Texas, has now grown in size to accommodate 454 current students from pre-kindergarten to fifth grade.

Today, George C. Clarke is leading the charge within the Fort Worth Independent School District to encourage children to gain a college education. Along with Daggett Elementary, it is one of two Fort Worth elementary schools awarding college scholarships to students in the fifth grade. The purpose of the program is to inspire students to set goals for college at an early age and view attending college as a reality and expectation. The program also seeks to engage and encourage students’ parents to support their children’s college aspirations, as many parents did not attend college themselves.


In 2014, between the two schools, 44 students received $500 to put toward their college educations. According to the Mexican-American College Education Fund, which facilitates the funding of the program, 85% of the students that receive elementary scholarships go on to graduate college.

The college scholarships are awarded to fifth grade students for excellence in the following categories:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Science
  • Math
  • Social Studies
  • Music
  • Leadership

It is George C. Clarke’s fourteenth year to participate in the scholarship program. As part of this year’s ceremony, scholarship recipients received an oversized check and dawned baseball caps bearing the name of the college of their choice.

The Miles Foundation congratulates the student scholarship recipients, as well as George C. Clarke, for its longstanding investment in the promotion of higher education among its student community.