Camp Fire First Texas

The Miles Foundation was thoughtful in the time they spent learning about our organization and the School Readiness Program. They were very receptive to providing feedback throughout the process, and discussing shared expectations and future goals. This was certainly a collaborative grant process, which set a great foundation for us moving forward. We are excited that the Miles Foundation is playing such a valuable leadership role in the community.
— Jennifer Folzenlogen, Camp Fire Project Manger

School Readiness Program

Since its inception in 1914, Camp Fire First Texas (“Camp Fire”) has continually evolved its model to meet the changing needs of its community, while staying true to its mission to provide opportunities for children and youth, and the people who care for them. Today, Camp Fire serves more than 20,000 individuals annually from infancy to adulthood in Tarrant, Parker, Johnson, Hood, Denton and Wise Counties.

A cornerstone of Camp Fire’s success is its comprehensive School Readiness Program, established in 2005. This program aims to improve the quality of early education and care provided in childcare facilities that feed into Forth Worth ISD elementary campuses with lower scores on the district’s school readiness assessments.

Camp Fire’s School Readiness Program focuses on five areas of child development: 1) social/emotional, 2) language, 3) cognitive, 4) physical and technological, and 5) motivation to learn. Camp Fire engages several levers in the implementation of its program, including:

  • Professional development for teachers – Employs a team of six full-time early childhood specialists to provide on-site mentoring, including the implementation of specific skills (using Conscious Discipline as a foundation) and communication of results from assessments;
  • Child and teacher assessments – Evaluates teacher strengths and child needs to help inform the program strategy and measure results;
  • Family engagement – Provides support for parents and builds critical connections between parents and children; and
  • Director leadership – Offers training for the individuals who oversee the childcare programs and provides guidance in running a successful business.

An evaluation of the 2013 school year reveals the Camp Fire School Readiness Program’s impact. Spring 2013 Kindergarten SAT10 Average NCE scores show that Camp Fire students scored 3.6 points higher in Math and 6.7 points higher in Reading than those children who did not attend a Camp Fire supported pre-school.

The Miles Foundation is proud to team with Camp Fire, an organization positively impacting the school readiness of children within the Fort Worth neighborhoods that it serves.