Lena Pope: Supporting strong families through quality early education and counseling

The Miles Foundation is a true on-the-ground team member. They are not just a funder – they are a problem-solver, a thought partner, and a true supporter of this work. We value them as an honest and invested voice at the table helping to ensure our work and vision on behalf of children and families continues to move forward.
— Todd Landry, CEO, Lena Pope

Since 1930, Lena Pope has evolved to meet the needs of local children and families.  Today, Lena Pope is a leading provider of evidence-based early education and counseling services for over 4,500 individuals per year.



Lena Pope has developed four programs to serve its local community:

  • The Lena Pope Early Learning Centers provide quality early learning to young children at a price that low income families can afford.

  • Chapel Hill Academy, a public-enrollment charter school for Pre-K to 6th grade (expanding to 8th grade in the next two years), provides education that focuses on each student's needs.

  • Lena Pope Counseling provides mental health therapy and substance use treatment services to families who cannot afford it so that they can grow stronger.

  • School and Community Based Services give youth the social, behavioral, and academic tools they need to be crime-free and successful.



A Long Legacy of Shared Values

Over 80 years ago, Mrs. Lena Pope made it her mission to help less fortunate children reach their potential and become healthy, hopeful, and productive citizens. 

Mrs. Pope always set high expectations for the children she worked with, seeking to help them strengthen their value system and build a sense of personal responsibility. Many of the principles Mrs. Pope established through the original Lena Pope Home are still embodied by the organization’s staff and Board of Directors today. 

Lena Pope believes in equipping youth with a quality education, job skills and rehabilitation. But the organization also prioritizes teaching children values of integrity, personal responsibility and fairness.  While Lena Pope has evolved to serve its community, the vision to help children develop into their full potential as conscientious citizens has endured throughout the decades. 



Lena Pope’s Theory of Change: Enhancing Protective Factors

Another piece of Lena Pope’s history that has persisted is its understanding of what is most impactful in lifting up children and families. For 88 years, Lena Pope has based its approach on the knowledge that every child is born with both risk factors and protective factors. Lena Pope seeks to maximize protective factors for every child and family to increase their likelihood of academic and life success.

Lena Pope’s intent is to build a system of protective factors for the children and families it serves, in order to reduce the impact of the risk factors those children and families experience that can lead to negative life outcomes.

This is why every service that Lena Pope provides is related to building that “wall” of protective factors – whether it is providing quality early education to establish a foundation of social emotional and cognitive skills, offering counseling and substance abuse treatment to help create healthier family relationships, or training teachers in trauma-informed practices so they can be caring, connected adults in each of their students’ lives – Lena Pope is dedicated to helping children and families thrive.




Lena Pope is nationally accredited and locally lauded for its leading-edge curriculum, social emotional focus, and high-quality staff and facilities.  The outcomes of the children and families who work with Lena Pope are inspiring. Following are highlights of Lena Pope’s most recent outcomes for the families it serves.

1)    Academic Success

  • Preparing children for kindergarten. 94% of 4- and 5-year olds at the Early Learning Center were assessed as Kindergarten ready in writing and literacy skills, math concepts and social-emotional development.

  • Reducing delinquency. 91% of youth participating in the Second Opportunity for Success© program had no additional criminal charges filed while enrolled in services.

  • Lowering truancy. 98.5% students at Chapel Hill Academy complied with the Code of Conduct and remained in class each day.

  • Encouraging literacy. 79% of students at Chapel Hill Academy earned an 80 or higher in reading.

  • Developing math proficiency. 78% of students at Chapel Hill Academy earned an 80 or higher in math.

  • Increasing parental involvement. 97% of students and their families participated in an annual student/parent/teacher conference at school or in the home.

  • Boosting family participation. 85% of families attended an academic activity at Chapel Hill Academy.


2)    Healthy Individuals and Families:

  • Helping families stay together. 96% of families remained intact after completing counseling services.

  • Reducing drug dependence. 88% of clients who completed substance use treatment reported being drug free at discharge.

  • Improving lives. 94% of clients said problem areas were improved because of the help they received at Lena Pope.


3)    Overall Quality

  • Spreading kindness. 98% of clients felt that the Lena Pope staff was caring and compassionate.

  • Sharing expertise. 99% of clients felt that the Lena Pope staff was knowledgeable.

  • Getting the job done. 97% of clients were satisfied with the services received through Lena Pope.


As Lena Pope looks ahead to the next decade, its Board of Directors and leadership team are asking the question, “How can we do more?”  The desire to serve more families on the organization’s ever-expanding wait lists has led to an expansion of the Chapel Hill Academy, and a recent opening of a second early learning center together with The Miles Foundation and UNT Health Science Center.  The leadership team believes this is just the beginning of Lena Pope’s expanded breadth and depth of impact within the Fort Worth community. 

The Miles Foundation is proud to partner with Lena Pope, an organization with a history of excellence and a commitment to carrying forward the values Mrs. Lena Pope established 88 years ago. We look forward to supporting the organization’s continued growth in the years ahead.

Sara Redington