Our Mission

The Miles Foundation endeavors to honor the legacy of its founder, Ellison Miles, through investments in education that promote the next generation’s success.

Funding Focus Areas:

  • Early childhood education
  • Parent engagement
  • 3rd grade reading
  • Character development
  • Teacher quality

Our Vision

We envision a future in which children are given the foundation they need to lead a healthy, hopeful, and productive life.

* Healthy = socially, physically, & cognitively
* Hopeful = optimistic, perseverant, joyful
* Productive = self-sufficient, fulfilled

Our Core Values

  1. Gratitude: We don’t take for granted the opportunity and responsibility we’ve been given, so we consistently pursue avenues to deepen our knowledge and maximize our impact.
  2. Agility: We are nimble and adaptable on our path to seeking and implementing practical solutions.
  3. Trust: We build long-term relationships based on shared values, we deeply engage in our partnerships, and we treat our team like family.
  4. Collaboration: We believe in the power of working together to innovate and effect lasting change.

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