Liberty Letters: The World War II Story of Ellison Miles

Liberty_Letters_CoverBefore his work as a Texas wildcatter and philanthropist, Ellison Miles was a decorated pilot in one of the most important wars in American history. Hailing from a small Texas town, Ellison’s humble upbringing strengthened the bond between him and his two brothers, and shaped his perspective on a hard day’s work. But nothing about his Liberty, Texas roots would prepare him for the excruciating hardships that he would experience as lead pilot for one of the most celebrated flight crews of World War II.

Page_1_Art Portrait E.M. smiling in capLiberty Letters: The World War II Story of Ellison Miles
highlights archived letters Ellison penned to his family in Liberty, Texas between 1942 and 1945 to narrate the emotional journey he and his crew experienced during their daunting 25-mission assignment over Europe.

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